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Memorial Trees

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What is a memorial tree?

A memorial tree is an excellent alternative to flowers as a gift to grieving loved ones. They are a way to commemorate a person’s life and to express sympathy for a loss. This gift of new life is enduring and will provide support year after year. A living monument such as a tree is a perfect way to honor a life and recall memories much longer than a traditional arrangement of flowers would.

The process begins first by selecting the perfect tree. We have provided the following suggestions that are very hardy in the Western Pennsylvania climate, but please remember any tree can be used as a memorial tree.

A Dogwood tree serves as a poignant memorial tree because its striking, yet delicate, blossoms symbolize purity and resilience, offering a serene and beautiful tribute to the memory of loved ones, while its year-round beauty provides a living, enduring reminder of their spirit and presence in the world.

Dogwood Tree

A weeping cherry tree is an ideal memorial tree as its graceful, cascading branches and tender blooms evoke a sense of gentle remembrance and the beauty of life, creating a serene and visually stunning homage to the loved ones who have passed, symbolizing the tears of mourning as well as the enduring strength of their legacy.

Weeping Cherry Tree

A Japanese maple tree stands as a powerful memorial symbol, with its breathtaking blossoms representing the fleeting nature of life, reminding us to cherish each moment. This tree's spectacular spring display brings beauty and renewal, offering a living tribute to a loved one's memory and the enduring cycles of life and rebirth.

Japanese Maple Tree

The Red Sunset Maple tree, with its vibrant autumnal foliage that transitions from lush green to fiery reds and oranges, serves as a stunning memorial tree, symbolizing the warmth and vibrancy of a loved one's life. Its majestic stature and year-round beauty offer a constant and comforting reminder of enduring memories and the ever-changing, yet everlasting cycle of life.

Red Sunset Maple Tree

Types of Memorial Trees

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