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Delivery & Planting Services

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Planting Services
Landscaping Services
Tree Planting

We make it Easy!

At Plumline Nursery we make those larger orders easy with various home delivery options. All our plant material can be delivered to your driveway, placed in your yard, or even planted for you! Please read over our various options!
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Trees do not fit into cars. Let us bring them to you! For our rate of $10/mile we will bring your purchase straight to your driveway. As much as can fit in our truck at once! We charge per trip to your residence or jobsite.

Plant Delivery

Large trees may require repositioning so you can plant. Let Plumline help! With the use of a small, convenient forklift, or just additional manpower, we can place your material for you. Each job must be quoted by emailing

Delivery and Placement

Let our experts plant for you. Our qualified professionals will come to your home and install your purchase.

Delivery, Placement and Planting

Plumline Garden Center

*Standard planting fees include obstruction-free digging of each hole, a bag of soil amendment and starter fertilizer. Obstructions such as stumps, large roots, and rocks may constitute changing the desired planting location or an additional labor fee. Services such as mulching or rock spreading are also not included in the planting price.*

We  Bring Paradise To Life!

Online Ordering 

You can now get your plants and supplies online. 

Planting Company

Talk To A Plant Expert

Have questions on how to care for your plant?

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