Toys for Pittsburgh Tikes

Plumline Nursery is a proud sponsor of Toys For Pittsburgh Tikes; a NonProfit (501 c3) organization that was founded by the Greater Pittsburgh Business Connection in 2012.

The mission of Toys For Pittsburgh Tikes is to supply the less fortunate children of the surrounding Pittsburgh area with New toys, books and quality playthings during the Holiday Season and other times of need.

The two ways of obtaining these toys are by placing collection boxes throughout the holiday season at hundreds of different locations or by charitable monetary donation. These collections allow the organization to purchase toys in larger quantities at better prices both towards the end goal of distributing locally to the children of the Pittsburgh and local community.

Here at Plumline Nursery to honor our commitment, we have created the following programs to support Toys For Pittsburgh Tikes:

Round Up at the Register

Every purchase at Plumline Nursery can be rounded up to the nearest dollar at the register. This is a great way of reminding you during the warm summer months that we are always committed to our mission of ensuring that Pittsburgh children will never go without presents during the holidays. Your small contribution from our customers each transaction will add up very quickly

Toy Collection Box

Bring your new unwrapped toys directly to Plumline Nursery

In 2021 alone, with these two programs Plumline Nursery was able to present Toys For Pittsburgh Tikes with over $3000 dollars!!!



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