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March weather is completely unpredictable. One day last week it was 38 degrees with snow flurries and sunshine; the next day was 60 degrees with pouring rain. The forecast seems to change by the minute. You’ll make plans to start new projects then the next thing you know, you’re out covering plants to protect them from frost. At Plumline we’re fighting this changing Spring weather on a grander scale. Despite these early season challenges, We Are Ready For You! We pride ourselves on being your number one place to shop for the best materials and will continue to work hard to make sure we achieve that goal.

Stop by and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see the number of plants on the ground. While other garden centers are just beginning to receive inventory, we are fully in-stock. For now, we’re still being cautious with tender materials that could be susceptible to frost damage. These items are still packed away but are accessible to purchase; we just ask for a little bit of time to get them for you. More items are arriving weekly, so be sure to ask an associate if you don’t see what you’re shopping for.

Our heated greenhouse is full of color!  We have Pansies, Violas, Bellis Daisies, Chick Charm Succulents, and early season veggies (including lettuces, kale, and beets). The perennial section is alive with new growth starting to show on a wide selection of plants. The Creeping Phlox and Alliums have lots of buds and the Hellebores are already blooming. And we’ve stocked lots of blooming shrubs, like Forsythia, Lilac, and Pieris, to provide early season color for your landscape at home.
To make shopping even easier, you can call or email ahead to check the availability of specific plants.
Call 724-327-6775 (option 2)
Or email us at [email protected]

We’re looking forward to a beautiful Spring, full of sunshine and blue skies. But remember that no matter the weather, we’re here to fulfill your planting needs year-round! We hope to see you Soon!!


–  All of us at Plumline Nursery


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