Landscaping Supplies

Below is a list of products that Plumline keeps in stock. All products are available in bulk for pick up or delivery. Mulch, Limestone, Soil, and more are also available to order on. Some products are also available in smaller, bagged quantities for your convenience.

ECO Mulch – ECO mulch is a product from our organics line. It is a natural mulch made from a combination of ground brush, grass, leaves, branches, etc. The material is ground and aged then screened to eliminate big chunks. Components range from approximately 3/8” – 2” in size. It is a medium to dark brown color.

Double Dark Natural Brown Mulch – Fine Shred – An aged, naturally dark brown hardwood mulch that has been shredded 2 times then screened to create a consistent, easily workable mulch. The small particle size speeds up deterioration that allows for quicker nutrient release into the soil.

Brown and Black Dyed Mulch – Produced from raw hardwoods, this mulch is a colorful choice for landscaping needs.  Produced from raw hardwood fiber, this mulch is double ground,screened, then dyed thoroughly for a consistent, long lasting look.

Topsoil – Blended with a high quality, organic compost, this product is perfect for new lawns or applications requiring nutrient rich, highly organic topsoil.

Mushroom Compost – Mushroom compost is a useful by-product of mushroom farming. This growth media is a mixture of agricultural materials, such as straw ground corn cobs, cottonseed hulls, cocoa shells, peat moss, and other natural organic substances. These products are formed into a rich organic media that serves as the nutrient source for mushrooms. After the crop is harvested, this organic material is removed from the production house, where it is processed into a consistent homogeneous by-product called “mushroom compost.”

Limestone, River
Rock, Boulders, etc.

Limestone - Plumline carries several sizes of limestone used for various construction and landscape applications. We carry 2a Modified, 1b, 2b and Limestone dust.

River Rock – River rock is smooth, rounded stone used in decorative landscaping or construction applications. Plumline carries 2b, 3b and Oversized.

Pea Gravel – Small stone gravel graded to “pea size” pebbles used in decorative landscaping.

NEW!!!  Maryland Seashore Stone – A lighter colored, smooth, rounded stone used in decorative landscaping. Plumline currently carries the large size, which includes stones from 2"-4".

Accent Landscaping Boulders – Boulders create dramatic impact in any landscape. Use them functionally or simply as the focal point in your garden.

Crushed Red Barnstone - Red Barnstone Crushed

Daddy Pete’s Bagged
Garden Products

Plumline is proud to carry several varieties of pre-bagged Daddy Pete's garden and nursery products for your convenience.

Barnyard Fertilizer - A pelleted lawn and garden fertilizer for all 4 seasons. It adds essential organic matter to your soil while fertilizing your lawn or gardening project. It is made of Daddy Pete's Composted Dairy Cow Manure and Daddy Pete's Composted Chicken Manure.  It is recommended to apply Daddy Pete's Barnyard Fertilizer every 3-4 months throughout the year to maintain a healthy soil environment for your lawn or garden.

Kickin’ Chicken - This product is a rich, organic blend of composted chicken and cow manure. As an amendment to general planting, Kickin' Chicken can be used in vegetable gardens, annual beds and for top dressing established and newly seeded lawns.

Lawn & Garden Soil - This product is a mixture of manure, aged bark fines and sand. It is suitable for use in seeding new lawns, rejuvenating established lawns, flower and vegetable gardens, and for general landscape applications.

Mushroom Compost - This product is a great organic amendment for enriching the soil uses to grow fruits, vegetables, and flowers. You can use this product to fortify the soil, increase the depth of your raised beds, and to improve your soil's texture.

Sandy Loam Top Soil - A premium, all-purpose top soil used for top dressing lawns, for patching and filling bare spots in lawns, for leveling low places in gardens and lawns, for planting, and for seeding. It is made of sandy loam soil enriched with Daddy Pete's Composted Dairy Cow Manure. Applying the correct amount to your lawn or garden will help improve its fertility and drainage characteristics.

Sea and Farm - A unique blend of Daddy Pete's Composted Cow Manure, sphagnum peat moss, premium aged pine bark fines, perlite, sandy loam, oyster shell, oceanic fish meal, crab meal, shrimp meal, earthworm castings, fossilized bat guano, and kelp meal.  Daddy Petes Sea and Farm is an excellent soil conditioner and contains beneficial micro-organisms, that aid in defending plants against viral, fungal, pathogenic, root, vascular, and foliar diseases.

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